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Welcome to the Home of the Universal Role-playing Game (URPG) and it's Worlds

The english version of this site is currently lagging behind the german one. Please use the german version

Preview of Sieben Monde (German Sven Moons Fantasy Background) is available here(external link)
Preview of Transfer (German Transfer SciFi? Background) here(external link).
or via download in the File Archives.

If you want to chance the businesslike style of the Site, please use the Stylebox to the lower left to your liking. Codex gives a great fantasy look and planetfall is a nice SciFi? theme.

if you are not new to URPG, but this site looks unfamiliar, please read about our new CMS and why you have to re-register


Containing this Sections:
  • Guests (visitors without registration) may ask Rules or Setting related questions
  • Registered users can access and participate in discussions regarding Wiki articles, Settings, Rule additions
  • ProTeam users have access to alpha-test information and other projects like the dice bot, experimental character generator, etc.
  • Calender and Event organisation

Forum Main Page for registered Users(external link)
Forum FAQ for Guests(external link)


This System links and collects articles about Settings (Geography, Religion, Species, Technology, etc.) and Rules for URPG in an highly crosslinked and cross-referenced way. Registered users may aplly as Wiki Editors and contribute their ideas, favourite Items, Spells, Creatures, Vehicles, etc. or even create their own Settings. The Wiki is to replace the Difficult to browse Forum Database on Settings.

Rules Overview and Settings Overview are the places to start browsing or look at about URPG for information on the Background of this project.

To get an introduction into formating, links, tables and formulas in Wikitext, the Format used by this Wiki, take a look at WikiSyntax Help(external link)


This section contains an open ressource page that can be visited and used by unregistered users, containing quick reference sheets, rules summaries, character sheets and counters, system introductions and other freely distributable material. On an additonal page that can be acessed after registration, beta-test rules chapters, detailed setting and metaplot information and GM / Developers Ressources are available for download.

Open Downloads and Closed Downloads are available at Our File Galleries(external link)!


06 04 2009
Update to TikiWiki? 2.3. Please contact us, if something went wrong, otherwise we will upgrade to 3.0 soon. New Features include: editing of paragraphs, faster forum and wiki. Freetags, sub-galleries in File Section, etc.

21 02 2009
Recent events force us to allow downloads fo the beta-rules only for registered and confirmed users: Feel free to tell us about you and how you came across in our Forum user corner. This is not a free issue giveaway (who would like an unfinished gift anyway?), it's a beta-test. Registering yourself under a one-use mail adress (or trying to do so under 3 different one-use adresses) does tell that you are not interested at all and will not increase your chances to be allowed to download.

13 06 2008
First interactive story started for URPG: Seven Moons?. It is an interactive hyper-story, everyone is invited to continue writing, when he encounters a loose end. Story is started in german at: Die Villa. In addition, new games have been added to the arcade. Have fun!

20 01 2008
New Chat: thanks to pjIRC we can offer a Java based Chat (please activate Java in your Browser), that automatically logs you in with your form Nick for online discussion, play and chat.

10 01 2008
We finally managed to migrate the site to a new, faster and not much more expensive host. Enjoy.

03 12 2007
All core Settings desctibed in the Wiki, some extending pages added here and there.
The URPG needs your help! Help wanted

12 11 2007
Flash Games uploaded, you can now play 20 different flash games on this site. Chat Channel "Palaver" added for chitchat among users currently online.

03 10 2007
http://tikiwiki.org/FriendshipNetwork activated, you can browse the userlist now, add users to your buddy list, see where and what your friends posted and send them Private Messages

31 10 2007
It may seem spooky but I decided to switch software yet again. MediaWiki? was hell to configure. TikiWiki? has a Forum, and I already created the first threads. User registrations are lost, and the old Forum will be read-only, please copy+past what you see worthy to be rescued, there is no conversion script available.

19 10 2007
Our Website (and others at the same host) was unavailable because of an attack.Wiki and Forum (version: 18.8.2007) are successfully installed / restored. All contributions (and user registrations) after that Point are unfortunately lost.

14 11 2006
Major restructuring of Background and Setting Database... please have a look

11 10 2006
Updated to new Forum/Portal software. Now suporting UTF-8 so special characters won\'t look funny after backups...

07 08 2006
A skelettal document to give you a framework for writing your own Setting is available in rtf or odt Format

03 07 2006
New user management introduced (see Users Corner in Forum) to manage upload and download permissions

14 06 2006
We have grown to 50 Members and the Core chapters and most of the add-on stuff is online again :-)

06 05 2006
Yet another Update in Portal Software... hope you like the new Design

06 04 2006
New Portal and old Portal / Forum out of order. Update bookmarks to: www.urpg.info(external link)

05 01 2006
I am busy *as hell* with my diploma Thesis. It will be done in February, you have to wait for settings and other updates...

10 11 2005
All Dice Rolls Summarized in a new Chapter, Skill chapter does not longer deal with success rolls too

01 11 2005
An IRC dice Bot that simulates all needed Dice for URPG online is available

26 10 2005
The first Chapters are done (reviewed, auto-spellchecked, indexed)! Check the Download Section

22 08 2005
Switched to new board software for the Forum, updated most Chapters, take a look...

01 06 2005
All Files updated again, Forum online again and restored (fully functional)!

28 04 2005
All Files Updated, added a lot of Links to URPG. Please use the Forum!

15 04 2005
Had to change from rpghost.de to rpgserver.de because of problems with the host owner gone missing

10 02 2005
Several done Chapters are currently being searched for spelling and grammar mistakes ... about time!

30 12 2004
Webdesign changed to a new layout thanks to BlaX

07 04 2004
Forum on Settings and adventure ideas, background music and recomended books/movies added

31 03 2004
Chapters have a more homogenous layout, smaller filesize and got renumbered

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